The land of Jobby Jobs

So here my silly ass stayed up til like 7 am or some such nonsense fiddling about with this wordpress thing I set up. I just…again, felt like I wanted a place to put my thoughts and maybe get some feedback. Express yourself as the ever popular Madonna taught me in my childhood. 🙂

I should have known that I would get sucked into things like customization and exploration. I’m such a hopeless internet nerd. And so now here it is 2:30 pm and I’m just now waking my ass up. I do have to find food, take a shower, clean up and try to find this place I have an interview at come 5 pm.

The most horrifying part is that the lady on the phone told me GPS to find this place had been getting folks lost and so she gave me old fashioned directions. Now let me tell you, the reason this is horrifying is because I am so directionally challenged that it is not even funny. I am new to the area and don’t know my way around very well and I use GPS to get around with the exception of areas that I am starting to become familiar with. For instance, I am fully capable of making my way to precious hippie boys house without the GPS system. What a shocker, right?

So, I’m terrified that I’m going to be lost, or late. But life rolls on so I might as well stumble along with it even if I’m unsure of my footing.

I’ve pretty much got one job lined up. Typical slacker style job. Part-time, minimum wage at a virtual arcade place. Basically I would shove video game discs into game systems, turn on tvs and babysit a bunch of folks that want to sit around and play video games. There is a snake in a glass tank so that ups the cool factor. It’s nice and dark and nice and air conditioned. And the guy wants me to start training tonight. It’s not enough hours or pay but it’s sure better than the unemployment that’s currently happening for me and they seem to be pretty laid-back and willing to work with me on things like other jobs and school. So let’s not burn that bridge when it might be a good opportunity.

Damn, I am so not ready to be awake at all but it’s really not a good idea to sleep any longer. It helps me to wake up to talk to someone and while I’m sitting here silently with the exception of the noise my fingers make moving swiftly over the keys as far as my head is concerned I still feel like I’m “talking” probably because I’m thinking and putting thoughts together.

I’m not sure how much sense I make right now as I feel like all the spiderwebs of sleep are still wrapped up in my mind making it slow and lethargic. And the next question is…what am I going to eat? And what am I going to wear? And then the horrifying thought again, how am I going to find this effing place??

Well, I guess I’ll smoke that second cigarette even though the taste of the first one still lingers in my mouth. Of course I’ve woken up thinking about the hippie, wondering what he’s doing and if he thought of me today. It’s like that cliched quote about how someone is the last thing on your mind before you go to sleep and the first thing on your mind when you wake up. The thing about cliched statements is that they often exist and persist because they hold a kernel of truth even if they’ve evolved into something seen as hokey and ridiculous.

I have another interview on Friday and have received some emails back pertaining to employment opportunities as well. It’s so hard to stay focused and keep my shit together, but I have to get through this. I’ve got to get some sort of steady flow of money coming in and start to establish myself in this town.

So wish me luck folks, I’ll be off trying to make my way through the land of jobby jobs.


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