Everyone needs to watch this!

This is really eye opening. And also really screwed up. This really goes to show you how much stereotypes really play a role in everyday society.

This really got to me. The discussions in the comments gets pretty heated as well. I took the time to read them because I was curious about what everyone else was thinking after they watched this.

The issue brought up over race is very obvious and also very relevant. I agree that it is beyond messed up the way that issue goes down.

Even more than that it shows not only are people very biased about race but also gender. People not only don’t say anything bad to the woman but one man even helps her when she makes statements clearly showing that she’s a trouble maker.

They assist her. Not only do they not stop the female from taking a bike when they have even verbal clues that this is a theft, but at least one person ASSISTS her in doing this.

Anyone who says that race and gender stereotypes are not that much of an issue anymore in day to day, current culture need to really rethink their stance on this topic.

What do you think?


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