Listen to your heart, Let go of ego

I dislike how it always seems to take an awkward moment to have that epiphany of realization that you need to get your head together sometimes… Like “oh.” and then the little light bulb kicks on and you catch a glimpse of the particular situation for what it really is there for a moment and realize that you’re not handling it in what is perhaps the best way for all involved.

I always hope that when that moment hits, that there is still time to get my head together, think things through and turn a questionable choice or thought into a solid and well-grounded one that will ultimately wield better results for everyone. But that’s okay, these often awkward moments that leave us questioning our thoughts and motives as well as our actions can shape and mold us into something better, into our true self, into the person inside that we were meant to be that is just busting to get out.

So I welcome you awkward moments, let me be shaped into something amazing. Sometimes life just tries to offer you a few subtle and gentle reminders that maybe the direction you’re charging towards at that moment and pulling for may not be the direction that is in your best interest at that particular moment and that you will be happier in the long run to perhaps follow the gentle tug from within that urges you to let go of the ego’s urgent desires and listen to the voice within that knows what is really best for you if you only stop to listen.


5 thoughts on “Listen to your heart, Let go of ego

  1. Interesting discussion. The awkward moments give us the opportunity to observe how we agree to be influenced….and how we choose to influence.When we can systematically observe the forms of influence, we begin to realize how the ego rules over our choices. It’s a process that evolves moment to moment. When the influences become disturbing to us, the “gentle tug” is activated and the search for a higher influence begins.

    1. Thanks! I agree that these moments give us an opportunity to take a good look and make changes if we so desire. It is sometimes a hard thing to sort through what is coming from the heart and what is coming from the ego. I hope that “gentle tug” starts to be easier to hear for me the more I try to listen to it!

      1. It does become easier…..if we consciously engage the moment. That’s the discipline…..and the doors that open are every bit an adventure đŸ˜‰

      2. That “adventure” is something a dear friend of mine and I were discussing just last night. How figuring it all out is this fun adventure that is much to do with the joy of living in and of itself.

      3. Ultimately, we discover that we hold a piece of the balance in Creation. As each individual evolves through the degrees of her or his inner balance, Humanity as a whole becomes balanced. We find ourselves in a new level of existence that defies all the “rules” we now perceive. The fun is the journey….the adventure comes after the discovery.

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