So apparently I am a psychic vampire…

If you don’t know what this is, please do some online digging before telling me that vampires do not exist. I don’t mean blood-sucking, true-blood or twilight style vampers but I’m talking about the type of vampire that feeds off of other peoples’ energy and leaves them feeling drained. It is unintentional of course. But my sweet gentleman has informed me as politely as possible that I tend to do this and that it is something that would be of great benefit for me to learn more about, to understand and to work on.

I’ve been doing some online research but most of what I have been able to uncover talks more about how to protect yourself from psychic or energy vampires than steps regarding how to stop being one. I understand the basic of creating or collecting your energy from the sun, the earth and within instead of draining energy out of another person. But more details would be nice. I’m having a hard time finding resources that are very helpful to me.

I don’t wish to drain anyone of their energy!! I don’t want to be a psychic vampire that leaves the ones I love feeling drained of their life force after spending time with me. And I don’t want to have to “feed” off the energy of others to feel filled with life, love, energy and light, I’d like to find my own ways to create and absorb energy and also to learn how to be able to give energy back to others.

Does anyone have any helpful websites or articles, or any other resources that they can point me towards that might help me learn to recover from this psychic vampirism that I’d like to break free of?

Thanks in advance. Love and light!


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