Trying to seek true health in an unhealthy society

My mind has been continually blown by all the things I keep discovering as I poke around and do my own research about how commonly accepted norms in regards to health, especially food, are often either completely untrue or at the very least not true in the way that we think they are.

I am very new to the pursuit of natural health and food. I have been trying to eat more organically and naturally and phase out a great deal of the pre-packaged and over processed foods that are, when you really stop and decipher all the nonsense in the ingredients, often not even what one could classify as “real food.”

I find it very overwhelming right now. Overwhelming to know where to look to find good information, what is reliable and what isn’t and also my minds natural urge to want to argue and be like, well this is what I’ve always been told, and this is what the doctor said and this is what I learned in school and this is… you get the point. And it can be difficult not to mention expensive to try to change more than a little bit at a time.

That doesn’t mean it’s not worth it. I believe in the end it will be. I try to make one change at a time. If I can use a lip balm made of natural ingredients that is still relatively inexpensive over one filled with chemicals that is one small step, but still a step in the right direction. If I can learn things like how tea tree oil placed on a blemish can be much better and much more effective than a chemical filled acne cream that may end up doing more harm than good ultimately, then that is another step in the right direction.

Just yesterday I bought a jar of coconut oil for barely over 5 bucks, this is great for my hair, it works as a conditioner and also tames fly-aways and frizz. This is also great for my very dry skin and hands, double duty and it came in a glass jar that I will be able to reuse for something and it only takes a very small bit at a time to reap the benefits so I anticipate that this bottle will last me a long time. Also, no chemicals going into or on my body and should a child or animal get into it…no harm done. Also safe for the environment as well. Good for everyone all the way around!

Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing enough. I still eat prepackaged and/or processed foods sometimes, but I try to eat more real food and phase out a lot of the “fake food.” I hope to be able to shift the ratio into a higher favor of real food as know how and finances allow.

Often, I find myself skeptical of accepting the idea that commonly held health concepts are misleading and/or false. For instance, I’ve spent years thinking that diet soda and skim milk were awesome choices. Recently, I’ve taken the time to re-evaluate these ideas considering that diet soda is full of aspartame. I used to think that this was perfectly acceptable and that the people who wanted to dog on it were paranoid and weird. Then I kept reading more information and decided maybe I wasn’t being paranoid enough. After all, just because you’re paranoid don’t mean they’re not after you. Right? Lol. Seriously though, let me back these couple thoughts up with some outside information.

Skim Milk linked with Obesity

This article really got me to thinking. One important point is the fact that all companies, even those that are supposed to care about your health usually have a central goal of making money. Many companies (though not all, there are exceptions to pretty much every rule) care more about making their profits than really making sure that they are providing the most accurate information and healthiest products.

Not Milk

This site is a bit more hardcore in their campaign against cow/dairy milk products. I try to read ALL things with my own judgement and a grain of salt so to speak. But this site certainly brought up some interesting information and things to think about.

Personal note on milk: Currently, I do still drink dairy milk but not nearly as much as I once did. I try to use almond milk more often than anything else and organic milk is also a choice I’ve been exploring as well, especially since it comes in glass jugs that are very eco-friendly.

Aspartame has been a very vicious controversy in regards to whether or not it is safe, whether or not it is good or bad for you and whether or not you should be using it. I’m going to provide some information that I found very interesting, but that being said I’ll be honest, I don’t have a clear idea on what to think here. The way I see it is that there is not enough concrete evidence for me to make a clear and decisive choice here. Because of this though, I have opted to steer clear from it or at least cut down on products that contain it because of the conflicting evidence on it’s safety or lack thereof I don’t want to be using it and then find out that it has been causing me undue harm that I was unaware of. I think it’s generally a safe bet to go the most natural route as possible.

Fitday has an article that outlines some possible negative consequences of aspartame. You can read that here and then make your own decisions about the information presented there.

Conversely, this article, attempts to debunk claims that aspartame is cause for concern in regards to health. In the efforts of trying to provide information for you to make your own decisions about I am posting a link to this as well and again you are free to read over it and make your own conclusions about this information as well.

Collective-Evolution claims that aspartame is unsafe in any doses, even small ones. They outline their reasoning for this claim here if you’d like to look it over as well.

As I said, I currently use Stevia in my coffee but that is really all I use it for and I try to keep it at a limit. I feel that it is probably a better bet than using aspartame, but I’ve also been doing some digging and realizing that it may not be all it is cracked up to be either. I found this article outlining possible downfalls of Stevia to be very informative.

I’ve really only recently started to question my use of Stevia, but I’m really starting to wonder if I should consider phasing it out as well.

Honestly, I’ve been on a major kick of natural, locally produced honey. For SO MANY REASONS. It is delicious for one. Also, I use it in so many things, cereal, yogurt, tea and the list goes on and on. There are also many wonderful health benefits to using real honey. But please, do not be tricked into believing that those plastic bears filled with golden liquid classify as real honey. That is a major big lie, those bears are filled with fake stuff, mostly sugar.

Modern Alternative Mama offers a well-outlined article on the benefits of real local honey and the miraculous uses for it. Also, it is just plain tasty. I love honey. My honey comes from Gibbons Bee Farm which is local here to Missouri.

In case you don’t click on that link I’ve provided above a brief rundown of some of the amazing and miraculous benefits of local honey are:

  • Relief from seasonal allergies
  • Sunburn relief
  • Acne relief
  • Antiseptic properties
  • Vitamin/Mineral benefits

As you can see just from that brief list, not only is honey amazingly tasty, but it’s also an amazing superfood!

I have so much to say but more will have to wait until later because this post is much longer than I’d planned but it was good to get my thoughts out. Also, if you buy any food locally you are supporting your community as well as likely to avoid many of the nastiness of GMO products and pesticide sprayed products that you will find in your chain grocery store.

Please feel free to share your thoughts! Do you have any amazing uses for honey? Do you have any ideas/solutions for a natural, healthy sweetener that won’t break the bank? Do you have an amazing resource about healthy/natural foods that you think I might like? Hit me up!!

Most importantly…have a good day!!

Love and Light xxx



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