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We took a road trip this afternoon when we decided to pull off the highway to snap some shots of the lovely desert landscape. While gazing upon the beauty I noticed some broken pieces of glass. My first thought was. “I can’t believe that anyone would break bottles in this beautiful place.”
Then I looked a little closer. I noticed that someone had taken careful time to
build a rock circle placing the broken glass inside the ring of rocks.
All of a sudden my perspective changed persuading me to see a beautiful art exhibit instead of the eyesore of broken glass.
Another lesson on staying positive.
Look for good and you’ll find it.
Look for the bad you’ll find that also.

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[by Dawna D. Bowles
(C) 2014]

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4 thoughts on “LOOKING FOR THE GOOD

  1. Thanks for visiting my blog and reposting it. I too am striving to stay positive! Have you read the, “The Secret?” There’s also a video. You think you might enjoy it.
    Your definantly on the right track!

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