Overcoming a Negative Mind-Set

Reblogged because this is wonderful and more people need to hear this.

Life Rediscovered

Here’s a common problem; NEGATIVITY.

We wake up in the morning and our minds hardly embrace the new day. Our minds racing of thoughts from yesterday, the day before or even further back. We desperately try to figure out what went wrong so we can hopefully fix it and move on with our day; however, we get so stuck trying to figure it out we miss out on what’s in front of our faces. It’s easy to look in the mirror and still see the mistakes we made years ago. Our ability to think and imagine is so powerful yet we use to it focus on mistakes. Instead of seeing the health we have in front of us we only see the poor health choices we made in the past. Instead of seeing the beautiful opportunities to create happiness and harmony in our relationships today we can only see the…

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