The Me Monster

This is really something I need to do and it is such a struggle for me. I have a very difficult time letting go of the feeling of desperate need to speak. I am horrible about interrupting and listening to reply. This causes me countless conflicts with my boyfriend and I feel like I would really like to change this but it seems like I’m so quick to forget or I don’t realize or remember until I’ve already done the damage by starting to run over someone else’s attempt to speak. It makes me so frustrated with myself time and again. I don’t know why it has to be so fucking hard for me to just listen and let go of the urge to reply to everything.

Small Changes For Life

images-3 If Eloquent speech is silver then listening is gold. Listening, how often do we do it? I mean really do it? How often do we slow down and take in what the other person is saying? Most of the time we listen only for the pause so we can jump in with our opinion. We hear the start of a conversation but soon enough a word catches our attention and there goes our inner rambling…”oh, I know about this subject, if I can just jump in and tell them how I did it”…or “oh, that happened to me but it was much worse, wait till I tell them my story.” My, Me, I,……or as Brian Regan likes to say, “The Me Monster”

How often does your “Me Monster” take over?

When was the last time you stayed quiet without forming an opinion? What if next time you are with your spouse, friends…

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