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Emma Watson to promote the empowerment of young women


This makes me smile. I feel like her character in the Potter series had this kind of attitude and a lot of young women/girls look up to her. What a wonderful way to utilize this towards the empowerment of young women and to encourage them to stand up for gender equality.


Being in charge of your own happiness

ImageThe law of attraction is real. I know when you haven’t experienced it for yourself it seems like a bunch of made-up, mumbo jumbo, complete bullshit nonsense. I thought so too at first. But then I tried it and found out for myself. It is not. It is completely real.

Because of this amazing revelation, I try to stay in as positive frame of mind as possible because our thoughts become our reality. See that is the secret, that is the trick, what you think and what you believe is what becomes real. It sounds like bullshit but it is not.

Let me give you my most recent example. I was starting to panic myself into an anxiety attack because I’ve been here about a month and still hadn’t found a job yet and starting to run out of money. I was starting to feel very frustrated and could feel myself being sucked into a bunch of negativity. I called my parents and basically cried and bitched on the phone about it to them. I pulled up a bunch of websites to help me find a job and resources and all of that.

After I got off the phone with them, I looked at the websites but realized I was feeling too overwhelmed to really do anything. So, I left all the tabs opened, closed my laptop and just decided to clear my head for awhile and try and get out of my web of negativity. I tried to focus on my mothers confidence that something would come up and told myself that I’d hear something soon and to stop feeling so badly about the situation that things have a way of working out.

I decided to just do some of the mundane household tasks that needed to be done and don’t require much thinking. So I put on my headphones with my phone, started jamming to some Pink Floyd, loaded the washer, started some dishwater and began to kick into gear on some housework. Moments after I began this, my music was interrupted by a phone call. I was wanted for an interview. I added it to my calendar, thanked the gal and hung up, going back to my tasks.

That evening I put in a lot of hours sending out resumes, filling out online applications, setting up profiles, scouring job boards and sending out emails. I was woke up the next day by my phone ringing with another interview to schedule. I was pretty happy with this. I barely finished writing down that appointment when my phone rang again, with yet ANOTHER interview for later on that very day.

That random one that wanted me to come in a couple hours later and interview is basically your typical part-time slacker job, minimum wage, but they are holding out for me to finish my other interviews and are more or less ready to get me started as soon as I let them know for sure what’s going on.

I tell myself that even if it may not be a perfect solution to come up with the money I need, it is certainly better than the current unemployment and would at least provide some incoming money while I continue to look for something that offers more money and/or more hours.

My point is this. If you tell yourself that you can’t, or something won’t happen, or that something is not going to work out, then you have committed yourself to that being your reality and you may say you are just being realistic but really what you have done is just cut yourself off from any possibility of success.

If you tell yourself that you can do something, that something good is going to happen, that something will work out, then it will. The more you love your life, the more you love in general, the more your life will love you and the more love will come back to you as well.

You may be reading this and thinking that this is merely coincidence and that it means absolutely nothing to prove my point. But stay tuned, I have many more examples and resources that I plan to share in the future. In the meantime, what do you have to lose? Try it! Just one day, wake up and have the resolve upon waking that today is going to be a great day and that wonderful things are going to happen. If you truly resolve yourself to this, then it will be a great day and wonderful things will happen. The more I have put these simple concepts into practice and the more I have learned about this stuff, the more my life has opened up and started to really blossom and thrive.

I have finally learned how to start to love myself, how to love my life and how to become a much happier person. There is so much more to this, and I will tell you much more about it in posts to come. But I can say this, learning these seemingly simple concepts are like suddenly obtaining the key to life. Life will get easier, better, more enjoyable and you’ll find that you are in charge of your own happiness.