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I believe in gender equality


BPA-Free Plastic Ain’t So Safe After All

I need to do more research on this.

Zero Waste Millennial

This isn’t anything that the anti-plastic folks haven’t been saying forever already, but here we have mainstream science, in a rare instance indeed, of firmly denouncing a household material backed by billion-dollar multinational corporations and industries as being toxic.

From Mother Jones:

THE FIGHT OVER THE SAFETY of plastics traces back to 1987, when Theo Colborn, a 60-year-old grandmother with a recent Ph.D. in zoology, was hired to investigate mysterious health problems in wildlife around the Great Lakes. Working for the Washington, DC-based Conservation Foundation (now part of the World Wildlife Fund), she began collecting research papers. Before long, her tiny office was stacked floor to ceiling with cardboard boxes of studies detailing a bewildering array of maladies—cancer, shrunken sexual organs, plummeting fertility, immune suppression, birds born with crossed beaks and missing eyes. Some species also suffered from a bizarre syndrome that caused seemingly healthy chicks to waste away…

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Feeling overwhelmed

Hey there. I’m currently struggling with major overwhelming everything. I had a funky domestic/friendship/roommate situation that resulted in a relocation for myself and my boyfriend as well as some major deterioration of a very long-term friendship. Is it repairable? I’m honestly not sure at this point. I think the best thing that needs to happen for awhile is a bit of distance. I harbor no hard feelings towards my homie. I wish her the best and I’d like to think that maybe later at some point we will find a good spot to be in again. For awhile though it seems that we need to go our own way like Fleetwood Mac.


I do have a lovely new place and a very cool new roommate. But I feel like I’m still feeling resistance in myself and with my boyfriend. I feel like I’m still struggling with selfish needs and failing to be a good listener. I get frustrated when someone calls me on it. I get defensive and I get my feelings hurt. I don’t know really how to handle any of this. And due to the move, I’ve gotten so incredibly behind on schoolwork that it’s really freaking my shit out. I’ve even managed to lose an important schoolbook with some of all this mess. Laundry is piled up and I now live in a place without a washer so looks like it’s laundry mat time for me. And…time is up folks. It is time for my next class. Time to make an effort to get my shit in gear. Wish me luck. Trying to keep my head above the water and struggling with some overwhelming feelings and demands of me.


You may say I’m a dreamer….but I’m not the only one….

Great song. Great man. Great ideas. Thank you for sharing, I believe I will pass it on.



I heard the John Lennon song “Imagine” this evening.

The wars and conflicts in this world are mighty. We humans seem bound to continue our race to use all the earths tentative resources and leave nothing for future generations. We seem to think we can continue our old outworn ways of living at any cost but never bear the cost.

Many years later….The words of John Lennon’s song “Imagine” echoed in my heart this evening. He sang us words that were so simple and beautiful yet seemingly so unattainable these many decades later…a song of peace amongst men. He wasn’t talking about one way of government or religion above another. He was singing a poem that dared us to believe that we could unite as one. He was a dreamer. He wasn’t the only one. I’m a dreamer too.

I can try to convince anyone that reads this blog of…

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Psychic Vampires

My boyfriend has told me that I am a psychic vampire. He says I need to be more positive and after reading this article I finally Get a better understanding of what he means. Ouch. But, better to know and be able to work on this problem than to remain clueless of the issue.

Spiritual Magazine

When someone mentions the term Psychic Vampires, most people will picture Dracula in their mind, sucking the blood from some innocent young girl. In reality the term has nothing to do with Dracula, bar being symbolic of someone stealing your energy to make themselves feel better.

Psychic Vampires are more often than not needy people, who find a willing victim who at the beginning is usually helpful and friendly, they take this as an open invitation to do as they please. The Psychic Vampire will happily unload all of their troubles on another person, in a sense they are trying to shift the weight of pain to another. Instead of taking ownership of their problems, they seek someone else who can carry the burden for them. The friend will get sucked in bit by bit by the drama of this persons life.

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The Me Monster

This is really something I need to do and it is such a struggle for me. I have a very difficult time letting go of the feeling of desperate need to speak. I am horrible about interrupting and listening to reply. This causes me countless conflicts with my boyfriend and I feel like I would really like to change this but it seems like I’m so quick to forget or I don’t realize or remember until I’ve already done the damage by starting to run over someone else’s attempt to speak. It makes me so frustrated with myself time and again. I don’t know why it has to be so fucking hard for me to just listen and let go of the urge to reply to everything.

Small Changes For Life

images-3 If Eloquent speech is silver then listening is gold. Listening, how often do we do it? I mean really do it? How often do we slow down and take in what the other person is saying? Most of the time we listen only for the pause so we can jump in with our opinion. We hear the start of a conversation but soon enough a word catches our attention and there goes our inner rambling…”oh, I know about this subject, if I can just jump in and tell them how I did it”…or “oh, that happened to me but it was much worse, wait till I tell them my story.” My, Me, I,……or as Brian Regan likes to say, “The Me Monster”

How often does your “Me Monster” take over?

When was the last time you stayed quiet without forming an opinion? What if next time you are with your spouse, friends…

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Overcoming a Negative Mind-Set

Reblogged because this is wonderful and more people need to hear this.

Life Rediscovered

Here’s a common problem; NEGATIVITY.

We wake up in the morning and our minds hardly embrace the new day. Our minds racing of thoughts from yesterday, the day before or even further back. We desperately try to figure out what went wrong so we can hopefully fix it and move on with our day; however, we get so stuck trying to figure it out we miss out on what’s in front of our faces. It’s easy to look in the mirror and still see the mistakes we made years ago. Our ability to think and imagine is so powerful yet we use to it focus on mistakes. Instead of seeing the health we have in front of us we only see the poor health choices we made in the past. Instead of seeing the beautiful opportunities to create happiness and harmony in our relationships today we can only see the…

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